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Game Boy Pxp price and specificationsRs.5,499

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While the PXP-900 steals more thant a few of it's design cues from the Sony PSP, don't expect it to play the latest PSP games - it only plays retro game ROMs. The system is the latest and greatest cheapie jack-of-all-trades media player, digicam, audio book reader, FM radio, gaming combo system fresh from the streets of China.

The handheld runs an emulator that can play NES, Famicom, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Famicom, SEGA MegaDrive and some sort of 32-bit ROM games too (although the product description doesn't elaborate). And while most retro games are built for a 4:3 screen ratio, it looks like the console works some sort of stretchy magic to make games play on its 4.3� widescreen 16:9 LCD.

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Q: What is Game Boy Pxp price in Karachi Pakistan

A: Game Boy Pxp price in Karachi Pakistan is Rs.5,499

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